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OHA Awards Ceremony

OHA honoured extraordinary student-athletes who has shown improvement and dedication in aspects of both ice hockey and school this year at the annual awards ceremony last week.

The following student-athletes were recognised at the ceremony:

U16 / 5L

Most Improved Player – Tobias Noll

Most Valuable Player – Nikita Kuzminov

Student-Athlete of the Year – Moritz Mölls

Most Dedicated Athlete – Moritz Mölls

U18 White / 6-7L

Most Improved Player – Timur Khmelov

Most Valuable Player – Artem Lantukh

Student-Athlete of the Year – Janos Koczan

Most Dedicated Athlete – Konstantin Dikov

U18 Red / 6-7L

Most Improved Player – Denys Rubanik

Most Valuable Player – Lukas Vashco

Student-Athlete of the Year – Balint Mesterhazy

Most Dedicated Athlete – Daniel Gellon

U20 / 8L

Most Improved Player – Matteo Luisetti

Most Valuable Player – Lukas Reihs

Student-Athlete of the Year – Yonatan Reisinger

Most Dedicated Athlete – Rene Tröthan

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